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Language school

since 2007

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who we are

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Talk2me is a developed language school, cocreated and lead by a team of experienced and energetic individuals.


From the very beginning of its existence, the main goal was and still is to provide language courses for children, youths, students and adults at the highest possible level of expertise.

Our services have been continually recommended by a wide community

of satisfied students.


Currently, there are seven available language courses: English, German, French, Italian, Russian and Polish for foreigners.


Effective teaching is ensured by a variety of modern and accessible teaching methods, further reinforced by multimedia support, such as interactive presentations, videos, audio and games.


Furthermore, Our young, active, experienced and thoroughly educated tutors are bound to guarantee enjoyable and satisfying learning experience.

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Our offers are as follows:


Consistently high quality of services,


diversity of said services; language courses, meetings with native speakers from all around the world (free of charge), summer activities,


experienced, qualified and polite teaching crew,

unique teaching atmosphere,


low, affordable prices, including family discounts,


high flexibility of course timetable intensity,


job interviews, language expertise level tests and it's precise assessment, all available to do at your own home via the Internet.


We utilize the newest available course books from the most notable and trusted publishers, such as Oxford University Press, Macmillan Publishers Ltd, Longman, Cambridge University Press, Langenscheidt, Max HueberVerlag, Ediciones SM and others.Alongside this planned material, We also decided to enrich the courses with some of our own ideas and various exciting exercises and games from other sources. The most important goal of all this is to provide interesting learning experience, which eventually results in smooth and nuanced ability to communicate in a chosen language.

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Our classrooms

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