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since 2007

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Talk2me is pleased to provide a variety of teaching courses for children, with which it specializes since the very beginning of its foundation.

Our services not only offer fun and exciting lessons for the youngest, they're based on the most

recent achievements in the field of teaching methodology. We make sure that our tutors are up to date with newest trends in teaching via training programs and internships.

Best possible fluidity in speaking foreign languages is our top priority. Hence the majority of teaching time is dedicated to being able to communicate swiftly in a chosen foreign language.

The onus is on making sure, the child is able to speak whole phrases, not just words,

thus eventually gaining confidence in speaking, especially in conversations.

We're proud to declare, that children we teach in most cases gain much better marks in English after six to eight months of continuous study in our school. The language courses in Talk2me serve as a great addition to their learning experience.

Age groups

Available groups for children:

- age 6-7

- age 7-8

- age 9-10

- age 11-14

Language familiarity level is additionally settled based on individual child's abilities and needs.


We offer the following:

- English

- German

- French

- Spanish

- Italian

- Russian

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Courses  for    children

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